Il dialogo e i suoi orizzonti semiotici: il Documento sulla Fratellanza umana, la cittadinanza e il diritto costituzionale egiziano.

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Documents like the one on Human Fraternity have become a prominent feature of both intra- and inter-religious dialogue with Muslim leaders and religious figures since the early 2000s. This opening lecture intends to draw the attention of students and colleagues engaged in interreligious dialogue to the fundamentals of how meaning is generated and communicated in these documents. Taking ‘citizenship’ as a case study, the lecture explores (1) the (legal) semiotic horizon of the documents and its impingement upon the construction of ‘citizenship’, (2) the trajectory of the concept of ‘citizenship’ in modern and contemporary Egyptian constitutional theory, and finally (3) the opportunities (and challenges) of redefinition of the concept in the context of interreligious dialogue.

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JournalFaculty & Staff Publications
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2022

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