Implementing Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data Collection in Emergency Departments: Patient and Staff Perspectives

Danielle German, Lisa Kodadek, Ryan Shields, Susan Peterson, Claire Snyder, Eric Schneider, Laura Vail, Anju Ranjit, Maya Torain, Jeremiah Schuur, Brandyn Lau, Adil Haider

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Purpose: To identify patient and provider perspectives concerning collection of sexual orientation and gender identity (SO&GI) information in emergency departments (EDs). Methods: Semistructured interviews were conducted during the period of 2014-2015 with a diverse purposive sample of patients across the spectrum of sexual orientation and gender identities (n = 53) and ED nurses, physician assistants, physicians, and registrars (n = 38) in a major metropolitan area. Interviews were recorded, transcribed verbatim, and analyzed by multiple coders using constant comparative methods. Results: Patients were willing to provide SO&GI information if collected safely and appropriately, and staff described willingness to collect SO&GI information to inform understanding of health disparities. Key themes across respondents were as follows: What will be done with the data? How will it be collected? Who will collect it? Is the environment conducive to safe disclosure? Confidentiality and potential sensitivity; standardized collection emphasizing population health; nurse intake and/or nonverbal data collection; and environmental cues and cultural competency promoting comfort for sexual and gender minorities emerged as critical considerations for effective implementation. Conclusion: Staff and patients are amenable to SO&GI data collection in EDs, but data quality and patient and provider comfort may be compromised without attention to specific implementation considerations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)416-423
Number of pages8
JournalLGBT Health
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2016
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  • Data collection
  • LGBT
  • emergency department
  • gender identity
  • sexual and gender minorities
  • sexual orientation


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