Policy analysis of girls’ primary school completion in rural Sindh: Root causes and policy recommendations using IIEP education policy toolbox

Sajid Ali, Aisha Naz Ansari, Mushtaq Ahmed, Zobia Israr Ahmed, Naveed Saleh Siddique, Naveed Ahmed Shaikh, Shazia Solangi, Mujeeb Rehman Khatri, Tauseef Lateef

Research output: Other contribution

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This report emerged from the policy analysis work produced as part of the course titled ‘Diagnostic tools for improving education policy planning’ by the IIEP-UNESCO with support from KIX. This course enabled us to explore diagnostic tools and their implications, specifically for developing countries, and helped the team unpack diagnostic tools and learn the history of their evolution. We further learned how the education management information system works and how data is essential for policy decisions. Finally, we engaged with real policy analysis using the IIEP Education Policy Toolbox. As a team, we chose to study the issue of girls’ completion of primary education in two districts of the Sindh province: Larkana and Dadu. Using the Policy Toolbox, we made a policy decision tree, gathered data that could help us understand each factor and then made policy decisions and forward policy recommendations.

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2023

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NameInstitute for Educational Development, Karachi

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