The duration of pubertal growth peak among three skeletal classes

Waqar Jeelani, Mubassar Fida, Attiya Shaikh

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Introduction: Pubertal growth peak is closely associated with a rapid increase in mandibular length and offers a wide range of therapeutic modifiability. Objective: The aim of the present study was to determine and compare the mean ages of onset and duration of pubertal growth peak among three skeletal classes. Methods: A retrospective cross-sectional study was conducted using lateral cephalograms of 230 subjects with growth potential (110 males, 120 females). Subjects were categorized into three classes (Class I = 81, Class II = 82, Class III = 67), according to the sagittal relationship established between the maxilla and the mandible. The cervical vertebral maturation stage was recorded by means of Baccetti’s method. The mean ages at CS3 and CS4 and the CS3-CS4 age interval were compared between boys and girls and among three skeletal classes. Results: Pubertal growth peak occurred on average four months earlier in girls than boys (p = 0.050). The average duration of pubertal growth peak was 11 months in Class I, seven months in Class II and 17 months in Class III subjects. Interclass differences were highly significant (Cohen’s d > 0.08). However, no significant difference was found in the timing of pubertal growth peak onset among three skeletal classes (p = 0.126 in boys, p = 0.262 in girls). Conclusions: Girls enter pubertal growth peak on average four months earlier than boys. Moreover, the duration of pubertal growth peak is on average four months shorter in Class II and six months longer in Class III subjects as compared to Class I subjects.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)67-74
Number of pages8
JournalDental Press Journal of Orthodontics
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2016


  • Age of onset
  • Cephalometry
  • Cervical vertebrae
  • Puberty


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