Which is the most recommended medium for the storage and transport of avulsed teeth? A systematic review

Samira Adnan, Maham M. Lone, Farhan R. Khan, Syeda M. Hussain, Sana E. Nagi

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Background/Aims: A wide variety of materials has been researched for their use as potential storage media for avulsed teeth, but it is essential to recognize the medium most recommended for improvement of the prognosis of avulsed teeth. The aim of this systematic review was to identify the most recommended medium to store and transport avulsed teeth based on the survival of periodontal ligament (PDL) cells as determined by in vitro studies. Methods: Only laboratory-based experimental studies on PDL cells found on adult permanent teeth were included. Data were collected using PubMed, CINAHL plus (EBSCO host), and the Cochrane Library, along with Google Scholar and a hand search. The key terms employed were permutations of [avulsed permanent teeth* OR dental avulsion* OR knocked out teeth*] AND [storage media* OR transport media* OR biological transport* OR PDL cell viability* OR PDL cell survival*]. A customized data extraction pro forma was used to extract the data and to evaluate the quality and risk of bias. Results: The initial search yielded 978 articles, but only 67 were selected. Milk was the most recommended individual medium followed by Hank's balanced salt solution. Among natural products other than milk, propolis and coconut water were most frequently recommended. Recommendations were based on maintenance of PDL cell viability followed by ease of availability, low cost, and long shelf life. Conclusions: Natural products are more effective in maintaining the PDL cell viability compared to synthetic products. Some storage media recommendations were also based upon practical aspects. Although natural products other than milk have more recommendations as a group, milk is the most recommended storage medium individually, based not only on PDL cell viability, but also practical considerations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)59-70
Number of pages12
JournalDental Traumatology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2018


  • cell viability
  • periodontal ligaments
  • storage media
  • tooth avulsion
  • transport media


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